Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turning-50 Funny Milestone Birthday Tshirt

Turning fifty or know someone who is to celebrate the big 5-O? A Turning 50 Funny Milestone Birthday Tshirt makes a cute gift for anyone whose trips around the sun end in a zero beginning at age 40 because that's when many people start thinking about getting older. The day on which you turn forty, fifty, or sixty, is commonly called a milestone birthday and if you ask me, these are truly days to celebrate! Think of it this way: next year, you'll start off with a brand new set of LOW numbers! fifty-ONE...fifty-TWO...fifty-THREE! Shown here are three funny Turning-50 tshirts; one for a for a gal...and one for either sex. Warning: These shirts are NOT made of asbestos, so the birthday honoree might want to stand back a bit when blowing out all those candles. Turning-50 Funny Milestone Birthday Tshirt