Sunday, April 27, 2014

End of School Year Teacher Gift From Class

End of School Year Teacher Gift From Class features a school of cute goldfish, including one with an inspirational message who stands out from the rest. Remind you of anyone? Got an especially inspiring teacher who's always looking for new ways to motivate the class, to be more creative, to let nothing hold them back? Accompanying text says, There's always one; BE the one! There's room on the back to add a special message of appreciation for your special teacher to thank her for all she's done. Simply replace the sample text in the slots with your own. When I was a kid, one of my favorites had a rocking chair in which she'd sit as the class took a test or put our heads down for naptime. Does your favorite teacher have a special chair? If she does, this soft wrinkle-free throw pillow will make it doubly comfortable! Summer vacation's almost here. Don't wait til June! This throw pillow makes a unique and lasting End of School Year Teacher Gift From Class and an appropriate way to thank an especially dedicated and inspirational educator. Same happy little fish is also featured on several other inexpensive gifts for a favorite educator, including bookbags, coffee mugs, classroom posters and tshirts; even ultra lowpriced buttons and magnets, all bearing the text, "There's always one; BE the one!" Machine washable throw pillow is available in a 16x16 inch or 20x20 inch size and in 100% cotton or 100% polyester. End of School Year Teacher Gift From Class