Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Unexpected Honor

New Woman Magazine was a very good cartoon market in the 1980's. They ran this cartoon of mine in 1985 and I was happy to receive their check. But freelance cartooning could be rewarding in other ways, as well. Sometime after the appearance of this cartoon in the magazine, I received a phone call from David Wachsman, President of David S. Wachsman Associates, ad agency in New York City...who wanted to purchase the original to present to a colleague on the occasion of his birthday. While I was unwilling to part with the original, we did strike a deal. And a short time later, I received a personal letter from Mr. Wachsman which said, in part, "You are a wit, an artist and a gentleman. Thanks for being all three. Thanks in particular for your swift response to our request for a copy of your good Grand Marnier cartoon to present --- in framed form---as a gift to the man most responsible for that good product's popularity in the United States. It's being presented today, and we know he'll enjoy it." Presumably, the recipient did enjoy the cartoon still has it...somewhere. Perhaps on the wall of his office...? (This cartoon is copyrighted by the artist and any unauthorized use is prohibited.)