Monday, May 12, 2014

Funny Bees in Rose Garden Cartoon Mug

Funny Bees in Rose Garden Cartoon Mug features two enthusiastic little insects who love every variety of your favorite flower --Climbing, Heirloom, English Tea, Miniature or Groundcover, in every radiant color. One says to her pal: "Know another great thing about being a bee? No matter what happens, we always come out smellin' like a ROSE!" If you're a backyard gardener who loves nurturing this gorgeous bloom, or if you know someone who does, this Funny Bees in a Rose Garden Cartoon Mug might put a big smile on her face. It's a great way to thank anyone who's ever presented you with a bouquet from her own backyard. If you're interested you'll find a link to the product page to click on right below the picture.Funny Bees in Rose Garden Cartoon Mug
Funny Bees and Roses Cartoon Mug For Gardener

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Flowers Bee Cartoon Tote Bag For Gardeners

This May flowers bee cartoon was submitted to multiple gardening, childrens and general magazines in the late 1988 as part of my "Best Buds" series during my self-sydication stint and landed on this tote bag for gardeners. Toon depicts a honeybee who considers the month of May to be his busiest...or buzziest. Would this make a good gift for a gardener mom on Mothers Day? It's bound to be a conversation starter at the garden supplies store. To purchase, click link below image.
May Flowers Bee Cartoon Tote Bag For Gardeners
May Flowers Bee Cartoon Tote Bag For Gardeners

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Honey Bee Cartoon

Simple honey bee cartoon was shotgunned to multiple small business and specialty magazines in the late 1980. The concept of tying a sales chart to a particular aspect or feature of a business was one I used often. And, again, this toon like others in this series were quickly rendered using a minimum of elements. This particular toon shows a honeybee zipping past a sales chart of a company selling bottled honey, the path of her flight showing the company's up-and-down fortunes. This toon, like others on this blog, is available for licesing in black and white or in color. honey-bee-cartoon