Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wedding Planning Can Be Fun

If you're newly engaged and doing a little wedding planning on your own AND you plan on making your Big Day a fun affair, we have here a few items which might help. First thing you'll probably need are save-the-date invitations so guests can set aside a day to attend, or a few days if they'll be in the wedding party. My selection of funny invitations feature cartoon art. One invite which is especially popular in the UK, Ireland and Australia feature a goofy bewildered groom in a top hat and tails holding his equally bewildered bride in his arms as if he's about to carry her over the threshold. The text says, "We are DOIN' it!" What are they doing? Getting MARRIED, of course! There's a special invitation for destination, poolside or beach weddings featuring a cute smiling little cartoon goldfish with little red hearts rising from his mouth like bubbles. Another is especially for an older couple or one whom friends may think of as very staid and proper; maybe even a little stodgy. It features two familiar characters; the subjects of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" painting...but in a different configuration than that pictured in that famous work of art. The painting, by the way, is in the public domain, so "borrowing" the characters in this way is entirely legally. (My end product which you see here, however, is copyrighted.) Any of the invites in my collection can be tailored for use as either save-dates or as actual wedding invitation depending on the text you choose to include. In addition to invites, I also offer luggage tags, humorous honeymoon shirts and aprons, gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids, wedding rehearsal hats and more. Click the image link to take a closer look!